To qualify for the workforce housing available in this community, prospective buyers first will need to qualify with the Palm Beach County Department of Housing and Economic Stability. It is a relatively simple process that requires a commitment to follow each step in the approval process. 

Potential buyers must meet the household income range in the table below, which reflects 2021 pricing and is subject to change. Buyers also must contribute a minimum percentage of the sales price as their earnest money deposit. 

Income Range
WHP 3 Moderate-2
(100% – 120% AMI)
$80,200 – $96,240
WHP 4 Middle
(120% – 140% AMI)
$96,240 – $112,280
2020 Sales Price $264,660 $312,780
Floorplan Townhome / 2-Story / Navarre Townhome / 2-Story / Grayton
A/C Square Footage 1,636 1,637
Number of Units 3 4
Required Down Payment 3.5% 3.5%

To qualify for and buy a workforce housing home in Windsong Estates:

Attend Orientation Meeting Held by Palm Beach

You must attend an orientation meeting conducted by Palm Beach County’s Department of Housing and Economic Sustainability. These meetings are held monthly, and currently via video conference.

Click here to register for an orientation meeting

Meet with Palm Beach County Workforce Housing Program

Meet with Palm Beach County Workforce Housing Program (WHP) to complete application. For this meeting, the following documents are required to certify income and determine eligibility: 

  • Form 1003 (received after attending the orientation meeting)
  • Form 1008 (received after attending the orientation meeting)
  • Buyer(s) driver license or state-issued identification
  • Most current 30-day paystubs
  • Most current two months bank statements
  • Pre-approval/prequalification for first mortgage (if available). WHP buyers are required to have a 30-year, fixed-rate first mortgage.

The documents provided will be used to determine a household’s eligibility for the workforce housing program, and financial assistance eligibility. For more information about this step, contact Verna Jackson (561-233-2064, or, or Tyrone Jacobs Jr. (561-233-2066, or  

Secure a 30-year, fixed, first mortgage approval from a lender

You may use any bank or lender of your choice for the mortgage financing, but make sure they understand Palm Beach County’s workforce housing program guidelines. During the orientation meeting (Step 1 above), you will be introduced to lenders who specialize in workforce housing program financing.

Register for an Intake Appointment

As soon as you receive a pre-approval letter from your lender, you may register for an “intake appointment” with Palm Beach County staff.  Booking is through Verna Jackson ( or 561-233-2064), or Tyrone Jacobs Jr. ( or 561-233-2066). You will be asked to provide paperwork before attending the intake appointment. 

Become an Eligible Buyer

During the intake appointment, county staff will determine if assistance is needed, and provide a workforce housing program certificate and award letter (which is valid for 24 months from the approval date). With these two documents, you now are eligible to buy a workforce housing unit at Windsong Estates by DiVosta.

Find your home in Windsong Estates

With award letter and preapproval mortgage letter in hand, visit the Windsong Estates sales office to look at available homes,  review pricing and write a contract to purchase your new home.

Attend a Homebuyer Education Training

Before you close on your new home at Windsong Estates, you must attend an eight-hour homebuyer education training through a Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved or NeighborWorks-approved housing agency, after which you will receive a certificate of completion that is valid for one year. 

Walk-through and Closing

DiVosta will schedule a walk-through of your new home prior to closing. Once your walk-through is complete, you will be approved to close on your new home.

Becoming an eligible buyer and obtaining a workforce housing program certificate and award letter do not guarantee the ability to purchase a home at Windsong Estates.